Spicy (Freeverse) Lyrics and Information

Here is the lyrics and Information about Spicy (Freeverse) song. This song is released on 02 Oct 0021 by label DIVINE and runs for 1:15. It features actor DIVINE and singer DIVINE. Spicy (Freeverse) song's music is given by and lyrics penned by DIVINE. It got released in language Hindi.

Spicy (Freeverse) Lyrics

Asia Wala Spice
Hindustan Wala Spice

Ladte Ladte Baat Karna
Haan Khabeeb Main
Shoonya Se Punya Paisa Milta
Ab Sangeet Se

Raddi Wale Se Gaddi Wale

Haan Hum Jeet Gaye
Bure Din Beet Gaye
Bollywood Mein Geet Gaye
Puri Picture Bana Daalein
Rashid Wale Gend Ko
Hum Sixer Bana Daalein

Divine Ke Har Verse Ko
Yeh Feature Bana Daalein

But Tanmay Har Beat Pe
Fizool Mein Hi Kha Le Haan
Woh Pathar Humpe Phekein
Usko Paaras Bana Daalein
Aa Plaster Ke Choone Se
Paris Ghoom Ke Aa Rahe

Jalne Wali Aunty
Ab Marriage Poochhne Aa Rahi
Aur Do Teen Ladkiyon Ki
Marriage Tutne Aa Rahi

Aa Dirt Se Hum Nikle
Daaru Neat Mein Hi Marein
Haar Ke Hum Aaye The
Ab Jeet Ke Hi Ja Rahe

Padhai Ke Liye Fees Nahi Tha
Ab Fees Nahi Afford Hai
Sab Kuchh Mera Own
Tujhe Lease Nahi Afford Hai

Que Lo Que Everybody Price
Cost Money Beat The Charge Money
Fast Money Push To Start Money
Large Money Escobar Money

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Song Releated Information

Release Date02 Oct 0021
Language(s) Hindi

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