Colors Lyrics and Information

Here is the lyrics and Information about Colors song. This song is released on 08 Oct 2021 by label Lauren Jauregui and runs for 2:34. It features actor Lauren Jauregui and singer Lauren Jauregui. Colors song's music is given by Lauren Jauregui and lyrics penned by Lauren Jauregui. It got released in language English.

Colors Lyrics

Nt B Wthut U
Dnt Wnn B Wth U
Nd Lthough Hav Trd T
Hert H W F Rtng What Gd For It
M Rry
Knw T Trng
Ll Th Nvning
N B Smeon I Fl Am Nt

Wh Tught M Tht
Wnt Gd Enough
Wh Dd Lt U Blv T
Wh Havent Cught Ur Bluff
Whn Vryn Gne
Ou Nt Fll Part

Yu Wll It Lws Bn
Yu Nd I
Yu Nd U And

Oh Ou Nd
Yu Nd Yu Nd I
T Ta
Lke Th Colors N Th Wll
Nt Pnt
Ut U Nt Ra Them Ll
Am Trtng To S It Nw
T Lr T M Nw
Found Ut
M Tuall Nt Ddcted T Th Drug

Am Ddtd T Flng Fukng Numb
Hi World I Am Lvng N
Hers Ut T Muh T B Dn
O Dmntl The Mntl That H
U Mving Lk W Wrent Md Wth Lv
Rtrs Wthng
Knw That Much
T M Down Nd Tld Me T
Tp Wthng Trt Ding
F You Dnt Ltn T Th Mags
Prme Thll Ut Kp Mng
Gnorng Pirt Rll Nevr Hlpd M
Munt T Nthng

Song Releated Artist

ActorLauren Jauregui
Music DirectorLauren Jauregui
SingerLauren Jauregui
LyricistLauren Jauregui

Song Releated Information

LabelLauren Jauregui
Release Date08 Oct 2021
Language(s) English

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